What is a Gold IRA?

A Guide to Gold Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

A gold individual retirement account (IRA) is a unique IRA that can hold stocks, mutual funds, or bonds. A gold IRA is a type of qualified retirement account in which the investor can hold metals such as silver coins or bullions and precious metal securities such as palladium and platinum. A gold IRA has the same features as a traditional retirement account but should be held separately. However, rules regarding things like distributions and contribution limits are the same. One can get a gold IRA from a broker-dealer or another holder.

Understanding Gold Individual Retirement Accounts

Individual retirement accounts are usually tax-favored because they are savings accounts for retirement. Gold IRAs have multiple forms, including SEP gold IRAs, traditional gold IRAs, and Roth IRAs. They are special because they can hold precious metals, and one can establish a gold IRA as a Roth IRA, purchased with post-tax or pre-tax funds. Gold IRAs require one to purchase and store precious metals such as gold; therefore, they require one to use a custodian, a brokerage company, or a financial institution that operates the account.

Traditional IRAs allow one to hold mutual funds, stocks, and other traditional investments. If one holds a self-directed IRA account, one can still buy coins and bars minted from approved precious metals such as gold, platinum, silver, or palladium, according to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations. One can also invest in paper investments related to gold, which include:

  • Stocks of gold mining companies
  • Mutual funds for precious metals
  • Exchange-traded funds

These accounts have higher fees because they require purchasing and storing precious metals.

A company like Noble Gold can really help you manage all of this stuff.

How the Gold IRA Works

One has to work with a gold IRA firm to establish a new account and buy the precious metals to fund it. Most people prefer to fund their gold IRAs using traditional IRAs, which is not the best idea.

How to Establish a Gold IRA

Usually, gold IRA companies guide their customers through the process of opening a self-directed account. Some may allow you to set up an account online. These companies also sell gold bars and coins to their clients, which are put into the gold IRA. They also give you the approved IRS custodian, which all self-directed IRAs must have to prevent violations of the rules and regulations. The custodian performs the administrative functions necessary for compliance with IRS regulations. The gold IRA firm also synchronizes the duties carried out by the depository.

You can consider various things while selecting the best custodian and depository, such as the fees they charge for their services. This can be an administrative fee, a storage fee, an insurance fee, or how much the gold costs.

Gold IRA Rollover

According to IRS rules, the traditional way to fund a gold IRA account is to use funds from other individual retirement accounts, such as the 401(k), 457(b), and Thrift Savings Plan. Usually, the gold IRA companies can contact your IRA plan administrator and request that they roll over funds into the gold IRA you intend to open.

One can initiate the rollover themselves. However, it would be best if you knew that those younger than 59 and 1/2 have only 60 days to complete the rollover procedure; otherwise, they will pay income tax and incur an early withdrawal penalty of 10% on the finances they withdraw. So, most people avoid this peril by letting their gold IRA firm facilitate this funds transfer. The IRA Company will be liable to pay the penalty fees if any penalties are involved.

Calculating the value of your existing savings before initiating the transfer is best. Most financial experts recommend allocating between 5% and 10% of your portfolio to precious metals to diversify. Traditional IRAs, such as the 401(k), are usually built to mitigate risks; a gold IRA is devoted to a single asset category. The value of precious metals in a gold IRA can increase tax-free while in the retirement account.

Gold IRA Tax Rules

Understanding the tax rules of gold IRAs before opening an account is vital to avoid violating IRS rules. A small mistake can be significantly costly. One can contribute about $6,000 if they are under 50 and about $7,000 if they are older than 50.

Final Word

A gold IRA Company can help you set up and finance a gold IRA. It will coordinate with the depository and the custodian to administer your gold IRA and store your precious metal. You can purchase gold using a rollover from another IRA or authorize your IRA Company to transfer your funds from your previous plan holder. Gold IRA companies aren’t financial advisors; therefore, seek advice from other reputable financial planners to get investment advice regarding gold IRAs.


The Defense

Everyone charged with a crime is entitled to legal representation in the United States. That much is universal. After that, laws can differ significantly and confusingly between states. They also vary depending on whether a person was in a car, boat, plane, or using industrial machinery while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medicine that caused impairment. There are assorted rules governing severity of punishment. DUI, however, is a criminal offense in each case.

Two Types of Crime

Of course, there are many ways to break the law and numerous criminal charges brought against Americans daily. Some are misdemeanors — lesser charges with somewhat tame consequences. Jail time is unlikely in these instances and expensive to the state. Felonies are more serious because the results of one’s actions have a greater impact. Many convicted felons spend years in jail. The severity of penalties also relates to how many times a person has been brought before a court of law for the same reason: drinking or taking drugs while operating a vehicle of some kind.

Two Types of Lawyers

The state will appoint a prosecutor whose job is to make his or her case against an individual who was caught drunk driving, driving while impaired, driving under the influence of drugs, operating machinery while impaired, or however the charge is phrased.

Defendants are represented by either a state-appointed defense lawyer or a DUI attorney. This attorney could be a criminal defense lawyer, generally, or a DUI expert, specifically.

Differences between State-appointed and Private

When a state appoints this defense lawyer, the primary interest is availability; that is, who is around to take this case. The defendant has very little say in how this selection process transpires. If this person feels the lawyer is biased or fails to do any work in the defendant’s favor, it’s possible to ask for a replacement. A state defense attorney is a trained individual, perhaps with experience but sometimes relatively new to the job. This person handles all kinds of cases including assault, rape, theft, and murder. Few such lawyers operate within a niche, but certain issues are not dealt with by an appointed lawyer such as civil cases.

A defendant with means or with a family who has money enough to hire a private lawyer will often take this route. Hiring privately enables the defendant and family to choose someone with experience, a person who has handled many related cases, and an individual with an excellent record of seeing cases dismissed or sentencing reduced. There is no guarantee a lawyer will take the potential client’s case, though. A legal professional working privately has to believe there is a good chance of succeeding. A reputation is at stake.

How to Hire a DUI Defense Lawyer

Pick someone who works within your state. This is important as laws and penalties are not exactly the same across the United States. Everyone knows what DUI is, but how one found “guilty” in a court of law pays the price in California differs from the finer points of DUI law in Arizona. There are even many names applied to the charge which all mean the same thing.

Select a professional whose record is reassuring. He or she regularly reduces charges, reduces penalties, or even has charges dropped based on a number of technical factors. This individual keeps many cases out of court but, when a court is a necessity, his or her clients frequently pay a far lower price than anticipated. They spend no time in jail, for example.

Factors That Work in a Defendant’s Favor

Firstly, the law states that a person is innocent until proven guilty, so any doubt that a case has been approached in this way could see a trial overturned if it did, in fact, come to something as dramatic as a trial. Most related cases are handled swiftly and without publicity. They involve anonymous individuals who were caught weaving or driving too slowly when they decided to drive home after a party. Nothing newsworthy happened.

If no one is hurt and no property is damaged, this could work in the defendant’s favor. First-time offenses are shown some leniency, but the court usually wishes to make some kind of point which reinforces the seriousness of a defendant’s choice, so he or she will have to take driving lessons or pay a fine. In rare instances, the individual is innocent, and technology is to blame. Usually, however, alcohol, drugs, and even medication were consumed before one got behind the controls of a car, plane, or excavator. A defense lawyer hopes to mitigate the damage. This is an intense and serious situation to be in. For something a little less serious, check out our other post on quotes for something a little lighter.

What You Should Know

Search engine optimization basically refers to a process of creating content in such a way that it can rank highly in any search engine. This is usually done by inserting certain keywords strategically in the body of your texts. Optimization also uses images or videos to produce desirable results. The marketing strategy can be beneficial to both small and large business entities.

Why SEO is a good strategy

Search engine optimization does not require a lot of skills or years of study. Anyone can learn the basics and do it right. With the help of resources such as OMG machines, you can quickly learn how to optimize your website or pages to rank highly. The OMG machine is a short course that is designed to help newbies in regards to online marketing. A casual read of any review, say omgmachines2016.com,  will allow you to know how effective such resources can be when it comes to equipping business oriented people with the right knowledge on Internet marketing.

Once you develop content using this technique it has the potential to attract thousands of clients. This is because your page will always appear on the top results of searches that include your chosen keywords. Once your optimized content is published online it can remain active for years and this will keep driving traffic to your website without the need for you to make any other interventions. It is worth noting that outsourcing SEO tasks are another way of getting the marketing campaign right. Most service providers charge on a project or hourly basis depending on your preference.

Tips for SEO success

Avoid content errors – while typing texts on your computer it is possible to misspell certain words. This can make reading your content difficult. Making grammatical errors can equally send the wrong message to your audience. It is wise to create content and then take some time to go through it and make any corrections that may be necessary. Keep in mind that most Internet users spend a short time on a single page. If your page features content that is hard to read page visitors are likely to move away quickly.

Incorporate images and videos – while passing messages through written text can be effective the truth is that you need to incorporate the use of videos and images to capture the attention of more people. Funny pictures, scenic images or short and interesting videos can be ideal for creating the right impact. Remember some people will not spend time reading long content but can spend a few minutes watching a video clip.

Stay relevant – the last thing you want is to get high traffic on your website but fail to convert it into sales. Including content that is not relevant to your services or products is likely to drive high traffic to your website but that will not translate to sales because you are getting the attention of people that are not interested in what you have to offer. Do some research on the keywords that people use to search for products or services in your field. Use the keywords to create relevant content that can be helpful to your audience.

Keep it short – the general rule of thumb is that content should be between 50 to 500 words long. Of course, there are certain things that may require you to go above that word count. However, in most cases, your audience will only have time to read short texts.

Make regular updates – people that visit your website or pages are likely to keep coming back if you have new content posted on a regular basis. It is advisable that you create new content on a daily or weekly basis. Ensure that all content you put up is helpful and factual. Any misinformation you provide may end up working against your cause.

Use social media – millions of people from around the world spend a lot of their time on the various social media networks available in the world today. Instead of waiting for these people to come to your website, provide incentives for them by capturing their attention where they are. Create a page on as many social media networks as possible. There are tools that allow you to synchronize your pages in such a way that a single update can be published simultaneously on all your networks.

Choose a reputable service provider – if you wish to outsource your SEO projects it is prudent to take some time and learn about the providers available. Settle on a provider that has experience and offers competitive rates. It is worth pointing out that a good service provider is able to respond to any inquiries you make within a short time. The provider must be held in high esteem by the past and current clients.

The Tips

Search engine optimization is arguably one of the most important techniques for anyone wishing to carry out a successful marketing campaign on the Internet. The technique involves creating content in such a way that it can be picked up quickly during a random search. The better the SEO, the higher the ranking a page is going to be in any search engine. It is worth noting that most Internet users are likely to click on the first few results that appear in their search. This means if your page does not appear on the top ten list you may be losing out on a significant number of potential customers. Here are a few tips to ensure you are reaping the benefits of good SEO.

Stay original

Copying content from your competitor is likely to get you banned on just about any search engine. To avoid such complications strive to create original content for your pages. You can borrow ideas from your competitors and use the information to create your own unique content. It is important to point out that offering the same content as your competitor may not yield the best results because your customers may be looking for alternatives to what the competitor is offering.

Create relevant content

If you are operating a website about insurance do not be tempted to create content in the financial or manufacturing industry just to score a higher rank in the search results. This can either get you banned or repulse most of the audience that land on your page. It may also be a waste of time because you will be attracting a lot of traffic to your website but that will not translate to actual sales. Creating content that is relevant to your field of specialization is key to capturing the attention of the most important people on the Internet. You will effectively sift the traffic to individuals that are likely to subscribe to the service or product you are offering.

Include images or videos

While texts can be sufficient to pass messages, it is always prudent to include images or short video clips in your search engine optimization strategy. Some people find it difficult to read a whole page explaining how a product or service is likely to benefit them. However, with vivid pictures or videos that depict why they need whatever you are offering it may be easier to convince your potential customer.

Be keen on grammar and spellings

Spelling mistakes can make it difficult for anyone to read your content. Grammatical errors, on the other hand, can easily send the wrong message. To avoid these issues pay attention to every detail in your content. It is advisable that you go through all content before publishing them on your website or pages. Keep in mind that most Internet users spend about two minutes on any given page. If the content on your page is hard to read they are likely to move away in seconds.

Learn from the best

Take your time to learn what other people are doing to get traffic. A casual look at any OMG machines review will let you know some of the lessons you can learn when it comes to SEO. OMG machines is basically a course that was developed to help anyone trying to achieve success in the online marketing industry. The course gives an outline on some of the basics that you need to know. It also states the mistakes you are supposed to avoid to be safe.

Capitalize on social media

It is not enough to carry out marketing campaigns on one social media page. To get the most out of your marketing strategy, have a presence on as many social media networks as possible. Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin are among the most important networks for you to showcase your service or product. With the right message, you can reach thousands of potential users within a short period of time. This is possible because such networks allow people to retweet or share information at a click of a button. Responding to your clients on a regular basis is likely to keep them engaged and will allow you to form stronger relationships that can be beneficial to your business.

Update content regularly

The last thing you want is to have people visiting your website or page twice or thrice a week and finding the same old content. Those people will no longer come back to your page because they already know what to expect. To keep your customers coming back ensure that content is updated on a regular basis. Ideally, content updates should be done on a daily basis. However, it is fine to update after two or three-day intervals. This way your clients can always look forward to something new when they visit your page.

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